Fire Alarm Systems

Northern Ohio Electric has licensed, experienced electricians to install Commercial, Industrial or Residential fire alarm systems. Alarms help alert, and protect you, your family, your staff, and your customers from any dangerous fires within your property. These fire alarm systems need to work efficently and effectively in the event of an emergency so people are adequately informed of the danger quickly.  We can help keep your property safe by upgrading and installing new systems designed specifically for your needs.  Businesses can be compliant with state laws quickly and efficiently.

As electricians, we are able to expertly determine what your property requires and ensure that it follows the rules and guidelines for State Laws. As a homeowner, you want to keep your family safe.  Northern Ohio Electric can accommodate your requests and come up with a fire suppression system plan that meets the requirements (or upgrades) for a better safety and security. We even provide an ANNUAL ELECTRIC SERVICE & SAFETY PLAN for Residential property owners only.

Call Northern Ohio Electric today and we can start helping you with your needs.  We can identify potential hazards, upgrade old wiring, and install safety equipment such as carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to keep your home, family or business safe and up to date.